Reece Theedam

Principal B.Comm (Acc)

Reece started THE JONESES  in June 2015.


Since then, it’s gone on to transact  in real estate across 36 suburbs in Sydney.


How? Through an attraction brand, through differentiation, through recognising that the high-end luxury Sydney market was in dire need of new.


A real estate agency that didn’t act or talk like any other real estate agency.


Experienced in the deal and quick to react, it’s constant forward thinking in negotiation and marketing. With you and your asset in the front of mind, always.


And it’s this ability to push the boundaries on what can be done, and what was thought shouldn’t be, as to why Reece is the sought after agent in a tough market.


With three Sydney to Hobart's under his belt, he's accustomed to getting the job in any conditions.


He’s a big thinker. Deal Negotiator. Game changer.



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